Howdy Y'all!

Bob Manning & The Honky Tonk Roadshow in 2015!!

Well Howdy Friends and Neighbors!!  Greetings from the new home of Bourbon Haze Records & The Honky Tonk Roadshow... ORANGE, TEXAS!!

The new release for 2015 is complete and will be hittin' the shelves on May 25th.  Kimberly Murray and I are very excited about this record, as it is our second duet album and we think it out does the last one... We hope you think so as well!!

It's been a great year for us!!  We've taken a good long rest from the rigors of the road and have been concentrating our efforts on our writing.  It's amazing what one can do when they're not being pulled in a hundred different directions.

We hope you have a great year... and hope to see y'all soon!

Keep On Honky Tonkin'!!!

Bob Manning